The government must not turn freezers into "containers"

Issuing time:2014-10-14 09:30

Small market, people's livelihood, seemingly insignificant farmers' market, in fact, and our life is closely linked. In this case, it is worth giving it whatever care it needs.

Here, of course, we should first name the ancestor well. An enterprise willing to invest hundreds of thousands of yuan, to the farmers market business "shop" refrigerator, is a great determination. Of course, the ancestor name has its own considerations: to improve the corporate image, to ensure the quality of its own products... However, with the protection of the refrigerator, the possibility of food corruption, spoilage is less, which is good for consumers.

Such a good thing is a day of 15 yuan electricity "card" live, the refrigerator may be reluctantly into a container. How to do? In line with the principle of "equal rights and obligations", we look at who has benefited from the "refrigerator" case

The first, of course, is the consumer. But the price of vegetables has risen very fast, all the cost of electricity to pass on to consumers, consumers may not be able to afford.

Second, there are businesses. Tofu of ancestral name is sold in the refrigerator, while tofu of other brands is still sold on the container. The difference in product image and quality is obvious.

Then there are the farmers' markets. As one of the main business entities, the quality of products in the market has been improved, and the level of the market has been rising.

And finally, the government. Food safety supervision is an important function of the government; The price of vegetables is related to people's livelihood, and the government should also take the lead. So can farmers' markets be cheaper? Can the government or the manager of the farmers' market coordinate with the power enterprises?

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