Service System

Half-time customer service center is the key service window of all the company's business. It is responsible for explaining relevant business consultation, product after-sales and various complaints to customers. The center is committed to continuously improve the service and operation system, providing all-round, timely and thoughtful to the users. Reassuring and worry-free service.


Service hotline

Half headquarters: 0757-28901655 Production base: 0757-28913765

Merchants Department: 18169848768 After-sales Department: 400-009-2989

Department of Logistics: 15197181284 Technical Department: 18927738887

A non-standard customization and ancillary works

Equipment that is not manufactured in accordance with uniform industry standards and specifications are non-standard equipment. In the field of commercial appliances, Foshan Mid-Level Electric Co., Ltd. is a part of the products that need to be customized according to the user's needs or site restrictions.

To solve the problem that the user itself does not have the design and manufacture, and provide professional non-standard product design and manufacturing services for the users, you can provide you with the satisfaction of the use requirements, site size, matching methods, etc.

The product!

Of the channel business agent

Foshan Bandu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production and operation of commercial electrical appliances. While focusing on creating high-quality commercial electrical appliances, we constantly improve our corporate image and brand image, and further improve after-sales.

Service and engineering distribution system, for you who are committed to the development of commercial electrical appliances, your job is to contact customers and implement information as simple as other work (providing products, non-standard design and manufacturing, after-sales service, logistics services,

Information is provided, etc.) by us!

After-sales service

Service tenet: Half-degree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. provides you with after-sales service guarantee and tracking in an all-round way with integrity, rigorous spirit, professional and scientific attitude, so that you can save worry and rest assured in the process of using half-degree electrical products!

Service Regulations: Products that are in the normal use and loss range, provide free on-site warranty service for the products sold within one year.

The core main component - the compressor is free of charge for two years. For maintenance that does not cause damage to the product according to normal use or man-made or force majeure factors, only the material fee and door-to-door service fee will be charged. If the warranty period is exceeded, the lifetime home repair service will be provided.

1. The increasingly perfect after-sales service network guarantees you a perfect after-sales service: the provincial capital will handle the 24-hour on-site processing in the second-tier cities 24 hours a day, and the third-line or above cities will handle them within 72 hours.

2. 400 national free service hotline 24 hours to accept the service needs of each user.

3. Free technical guidance and tracking services for all types of products.

4. If the quality of the product itself does not meet the national standards or meet the requirements of the returned product system, the company will return the goods unconditionally.

5. All kinds of feedback from users, under normal circumstances, within one working day.

Service Guarantee: Attentive and careful is our service tenet. Rest assured and peace of mind are your needs. Half Degree Electric Co., Ltd. must win your trust and satisfaction with thoughtful service. Your opinion is the driving force for the growth of half electrical appliances.

See that we do 100% acceptance and processing. At the same time, we collect and process customer opinions through various channels, and improve after-sales service while ensuring product excellence.

Time of delivery

Commercial electrical appliances are generally large objects or non-standard manufacturing, have a certain production cycle or preparation period, and the difference between different product categories is large and there is a difference between the seasons; the spot products have a stocking period, usually 3-5 after the payment of the order Shipped within working days, regular products that are out of stock are generally shipped within 5-10 business days after the payment is placed; non-standard manufactured products are generally shipped within 10-20 working days after the payment is placed. In case of special circumstances, the customer service will contact you and communicate in time, please be patient and understand; non-standard manufacturing products do not accept returns.

Logistics and distribution

1. Commercial electrical appliances are generally large objects, and can only be sent to special line logistics or large transit logistics, so it is impossible to track the transportation situation in real time, but we will remind you by phone or email on the approximate arrival date, please understand;

2. After the product arrives at the logistics point of your designated location, the logistics company will promptly notify you to pick up or make an appointment for delivery. Before delivery, the third-party distributor will make an appointment with you. Please receive it within 15 days of receiving the notice. Goods, if there are special circumstances and can not receive goods on time, please contact Foshan City, the first customer service center in order to coordinate arrangements for you;

3. Please communicate with the semi-electrical customer service center in advance about the special circumstances of your receiving place (monopoly handling service, elevator or corridor is too small, the door is too narrow, the community does not support the truck entry, etc.) to avoid the later service failure. Carry out or end;

4. The delivery to the downstairs or on-site service does not include the aerial work and hoisting services. The delivery service is subject to a certain amount of upstairs fees. If the truck cannot enter the community downstairs, it must pay a certain heavy cargo floor translation fee;

5. Logistics cost standard: Our company's quotation products do not include logistics costs. If you need our company to package logistics and distribution, the charging standards are as follows: A. Foshan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen seven areas free delivery, Other areas in Guangdong Province: 100 yuan/set for 0.5 cubic meters, 200 yuan/set for 0.5-1.0 cubic meters, 300 yuan/set for 1.0-1.6 cubic meters, and more than 1.6 cubic meters for further negotiation; B. Free delivery to customers in other provinces The designated logistics points of Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhongshan are responsible for the logistics costs of the above logistics points to the customer's receiving address. If you need our company to provide logistics services, please communicate with the customer service center of Bandu Electric Co., Ltd. and agree on logistics costs.

Return and exchange policy

1. If the product cannot work properly due to leakage of the product, the electrical appliance will be returned and exchanged within half of the 45 days after receiving the product. The logistics cost incurred during the return process and the cost of the buyer's purchase of the product shall be borne by the half-electric appliance company;

2. The buyer's reasons for return or exchange (do not like, do not understand the product details, temporary remorse, etc.) behavior, the product back and forth logistics costs are borne by the buyer, the package has been unpacked, please package the buyer and ensure that the package is good, contact us Half-time appliances will handle the return procedures for you as soon as possible;

3. Please check the product for any problems before using the product. The products that have been used (except for internal leakage) will not be accepted for return.

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