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Foshan Bandu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a personalized intelligent manufacturer of commercial electric appliances integrating R&D, production and marketing. It was formerly known as Xi'an Huayi Kitchenware Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huayi Kitchenware Engineering Co., Ltd., and Mr. Peng Yusong, founder of Bandu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Graduated from the 985 Engineering Northwestern Polytechnical University majoring in materials science and engineering. It is the first batch of key undergraduate students in China after the college entrance examination. Upon graduation, he devoted himself to the field of commercial electrical appliances. He is one of the first wholesalers in the commercial electrical appliance industry and even participated in it. The formulation of industry standards, from research and development to production, has been in business for 35 years, especially in Xi'an, North China. He is a pioneer in the field of domestic commercial electrical appliances. He has been operating in Xi'an for more than 20 years, bringing out a large number of practitioners, including Xi'an now. The president of the Electrical Appliances Association and others, later Mr. Peng is optimistic about the field of e-commerce, and brave the tide of the times, he handed over the factory and business of Xi'an to the professional manager, and returned to Guangdong Foshan to re-register the company's half-electricity and set up its own brand. Half-Sya, devoted to the field of e-commerce, since the establishment of Foshan Half-Electric Appliance, God builds high-quality, high-end commercial electrical appliances brand and based on the industry, its products are widely sold at home and abroad.

Adhering to the business management philosophy of “integrity, modesty, diligence, self-reliance, self-reliance, self-confidence and innovation”, the company provides strong supporting and service solutions to various industries with a strong production and design basis, which is suitable for various types of Chinese and Western food and beverage. Large chain brands such as hotels, pharmacies, and pastry bars provide smart solutions and provide good quality long-term services, which greatly enhance the work efficiency and convenience of the catering staff, and directly bring high-quality experience to a wide range of consumers. Promote the development of the commercial electrical industry to make an indelible contribution. At present, many Taobao Tmall stores are distributors of semi-electrical appliances. They have about 133 special agent distributors around the world, and have long-term deep cooperation with many large chain brands, such as the pizza workshop chain brand and the Xi'an high-speed railway station. Dolly Cake Chain Store, Bread Family Chain Store, Falesol West Cake Chain Store, Zhuhai Napoleon Bakery House, Longyuan Old Hot Pot Restaurant, Lanchuan Xinpai Sichuan Cuisine Chain, etc.

Quality First Customer Up to Scientific Management Cooperation and Win-win

Big factories:

The company has a professional R&D team, 33 years of professional technical experience, leading peers in product technology, is a domestic manufacturer with professional mature refrigerators and boilers double production lines.

The company has an independent product pressure testing laboratory, which simulates various extreme environments to sample parts and whole machine products, and equipped with professional and efficient cold cabinet and boiled water testing line to ensure the stability and reliability of each product. Strict technology according to the ISO 9001 quality system standards to regulate every production process, strict standard requirements, precision, elaborate carving from the whole to the details, to ensure the excellent quality of products.


The company will have design warehouses in many areas in Jiangmen and Foshan, which can meet the needs of customers in different areas. The company is based on domestic perennial exports to North America, Southeast Asia and other regions, product quality has won the unanimous recognition and praise of the majority of customers.

Innovation is synonymous with half-Sya;

Quality is a half lifeline.

In the details, everything can't live up to it!

Craftsmen are not only a spirit, but also a responsible attitude.

Bandu —— Commercial appliance leading brand
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